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Welcome to one of the best online resources and Car Clubs for Pontiac Grand Prix owners!

We can provide your company or oganization with a fantastic, targeted audience for your products and services. With banner advertising on the ClubGP web site, your product gets marketed to a specific, dedicated Automobile Enthusiast.

Once you are an active sponsor, you are welcome to promote your business, offer specials, provide support and more via ClubGP and the Forum. We also provide you a login to the Ad Server so you can monitor your ad statistics and keep an eye on when your ad expires for renewals, etc.

As of 12/2006 we have over 22,800 Grand Prix owners in the ClubGP Owners Registry and thousands more visitors. The web site traffic below shows you the most current information on the traffic this site receives, and potential advertising exposure you can receive on the ClubGP web site.

Site Statistics
Month Monthly Hits Monthly Page
Monthly User
Daily Average
User Sessions
Average Session
November 2004103,598,429 6,412,451 254,576 8,822 38:18
We currently provide over 101,000 ad exposures per day!
User Session: A session of activity (all hits) for one user of a Web site.
A unique user is determined by the IP address or Domain name. By default, a user
session is terminated when a user falls inactive for more than 60 minutes.

Below is an example of a banner advertisement

Your banner ad should be approximately 468 pixels by 60 pixels in size. If you do not currently have any banner ads, we at ClubGP would be happy to work on the banner ad for you.

For more information or answers to your questions, please send an email to Mike Napurano.

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