How to Change the Blower Motor Resistor

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Created 1/4/2006, Updated 1/23/2006

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Special thanks to Robert Kelly 469boy for this write-up.

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Well mine went out and so i took some pics to kinda help people alone the way.If you dont have dual auto climate control indicating that you do indeed have the blower resistor rather than the climate control module and you get no blower on any setting then most likely the blower motor is shot. When the blower motor resistor goes it will still usually work on the high setting because that bypasses the resistor.

Here is the new resistor on the left and the old one on the right

First look on the passenger side below the glove box you will see 3 press-pins. You need to remove the 3 press-pins and the panel they are holding up.

This pic has the panel on the ground to see the black press pins.

Now you will se a bracket holding a bundle of wires and 2 vaccum hoses on the left side of the blower motor see pic. This is held on with 2 screws. Remove the screws and let the bracket hang off to the side.

Now remove the blower motor there are 3 screws to remove the blower motor a plug-in and a black hose see pic. The black hose and plug-in you can not see from this side. You will kinda have to angle the blower motor and push the wire bundle out of the way to remove the blower motor

Now with the blower out of the way remove the closest screw from the blower motor resistor. Disconnect the plug in from the resistor and carefully slide the assembly torwads you and it should pop down. There are a total of three screws that hold the resistor in but you only have to remove the 1.

Now just reassemble the way you took everything apart. Hope this helps.

Robert Kelly

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