Grand Prix Front Billet Grills

Written by Mike Napurano, Member 1
Applies to the following vehicles: 1997-2003 Grand Prix
Created 5/6/2000, Updated 3/25/2003

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You will need a 9mm, 10mm and 12mm socket, and a philips screw driver to do most of the modification.

The 2000+ Grand Prix's make the job a bit more difficult because of the nice ducting that they put from the grill inlets in toward the radiator. You'll simply need to move them after you remove the front top bracket from the car that bolts to the nose clip (pics below).

Click on any of the pictures below for a close up.

Stock grills on the car (this happens to be a 2000 GTP)

Removing the stock grills. There are two screws holding it in.

Grill removed.

Remove the screw taps by popping them out from the rear.

Install the new Billet Grill support bracket as shown in the provided instructions and this picture.

You will need to remove the main plastic assembly that holds the top of the nose clip to the car. There are 8 bolts and a few plastic clips that will need to be removed. Then lift out the assembly.

A picture of the back side of the grill bolted in and the above bracket assembly removed so you have easy access.

As per the instructions, slide the new grill into place with the new bolt already placed inside the billet grill. Use an allen wrench on the bolt to hold the angle so that the bolt will fit in the brackets you installed above. You may have to apply a lot of pressure and slightly bend the billet grill in order to get it aligned properly. Once the grill is installed, you can bend back the face of the grill.

One side done!

Both sides done! (Chris is starting to put everything else back together now!)

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