Gutted Air Box Fender Well Intake

Written by John Foley, Member 12647
Applies to the following vehicles: 1999-2003 Grand Prix
Created 5/3/2003, Updated 5/7/2003

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I bought a spare air box for my 99 GT, and gutted it using a RotoZip. Once you start, it is easy to figure out what to cut out. Do this outside, because it throws a lot of black plastic sawdust.

I cut a hole in the side of the air box and attached a length of 3" dryer vent using Goop to hold it in place, and seal the opening. Let it dry over nite. I marked the hole by tracing around the 3" dryer vent, using a white out pen.

The dryer vent picks up cooler air from the fender well, and lets the air box box draw freely.

Does it work? I say yes. To compare, I put my stock air box back in using the same K&N filter. There was an immediate drop off in engine response. I was happy to put my modified air box back in."

Here is the installed gutted air box with fender well intake. It is not very noticeable.

Here is the filter end of the air box and K&N drop in filter. I would like to find a cone filter to fit inside, but the PCM gets in the way.

Here is the headlight end of the air box. An 8 length of 3 dryer vent hose is attached using Goop. I gutted the air box and cut the hole with a RotoZip. I would prefer a detachable mount for the vent hose, but this works fine.

Here is a side view with the important dimensions. While I cut the hole 4 up, I am indicating 3 because that will actually fit better.

Under the hood.

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