91-96 Coupes Mini-Quad Headlight 9006 and 9005 Conversion

Written by Danielle Briones, Member 9024
Applies to the following vehicles: 91-96 Grand Prix Coupes and 93-97 Chevrolet Camaro
Created 5/21/2003, Updated 5/22/2003

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9006 (low beam) and 9005 (highbeam) Silverstar Conversion This is another mod for the 91-96 2 Door Grand Prix, also for 93-97 Camaros.

If you are going to do the crystal clear parking lamp mod, it might be a good time to do this too.

Pop open the hood and remove the 2 plastic clips here side, that hold on the headlight and parking lamp covers. (underhood) Once out, there is a fiberglass bracket that houses/encases the headlights and parking lamp. You will need to remove them. There are 3 bolts that hold the casings to the nose and upper front brace. They are where the nose meets the upper brace, just look, you'll find the bolts. they are all above the housings.

There is a final bolt that holds the bracket to the car. Itís right below the high-beam bulb. After you get it free, carefully get the whole casing out. Itís hard to do, and is often frustrating, but itíll come out. I have no clue what Pontiac was thinking, as there is NO room to work with to geth the housings out.

Once out (I hope you unhooked the headlights and took out the parking lamp bulb) you can start to get the headlight swap ready.

Luckily, You can leave the headlamp housings attached to the main housings/brackets. Basically all you have to do is twist the backside of the headlights with an adjustable wrench or something of the like. Twist the plastic headlight bulb. i.e. where the socket plugs into the car. From the manufacturer, the bulb is just glued in. You may hear a cracking sound or something, but be patient it will come out. The stock sealed beam lights are pressurized, thatís why you may hear some noises from the gas escaping.

After you have the bulbs out, clean the back of the housings off as there will be left over glue from how the 4351ís and 4352ís were held in. Then take a bead of silicone adhesive and place it where the new bulb base will meet the housings. (same exact area, where the factory blueish glue was. put the bulb thru the hole, and more or less put it there just like the stock bulbs were. Now that the headlight is "in" feel free to add some more silicone to make sure when it dries, it will be sealed well.

Wait 24 hours until the bead cures, and the new bulbs are secure in the housings, and reinstall into the car. My bulb of choice was the Sylvania Silverstar, but this is doable with any bulb.

The pic here shows Silverstar brightness on the left, v.s. stock on the right, sorry it's the best I've got.

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