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Overall Best from the Chapter

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Other - L36/L26

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1Jeffrey Kalo2003 black 4 door chevy Impala10.2479@137.25
2Gordon Doran2001 Blue 2 door Chev, MonteSS11.713@117.83
3Craig Scaturro2002 Black 2 door Monte Carlo SS T72 Turbo11.9@109.85
4Clint Wiese1998 Black 2 door Monte Carlo z34 (Turbo)12.034@115.46
5Kevin Robbins2004 Galxay Silver 4 door Chevy Impala LS13.761@101.29
6Bill Sminchak2001 Dk. Carmine Red Met. 2 door Monte Carlo SS13.914@98.7
7David Sie1996 Black 2 door Monte Carlo Z3413.918@99.84
8Matt Moreno2000 Red w/ grey checker 2 door Monte Carlo SS Pace Car14.664@94.18
9Tim Holbert1998 Black 2 door Monte Carlo Z3414.785@92.13
10ImpalaMike Galgano2000 White 4 door Chevrolet Impala14.845@92.37
11Darrian Hickman2000 Black 2 door Firebird 3.8 A414.89@90.38
12Brian Clark1999 Black 2 door Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z3415.08@89.07
13Travis Murphy2002 Galaxy Silver 2 door Monte Carlo SS HSAP15.1117@90.18
14Brian M. Ussery1998 burgandy 2 door Monte Carlo Z3415.254@87.56
15Jason S. Culiner2000 White 2 door Monte Carlo SS15.42@87.68
16Shawn Bucklad1998 Black 4 door LTZ15.438@86.7
17Bambi Ferrarini2002 Navy Blue Metallic 2 door Monte Carlo SS15.6@88.01
18Mike Pengelly2000 Torch Red 2 door Monte Carlo SS Pace Car15.792@87.32
19Andy Smith2002 Black 2 door Monte Carlo SS15.8002@85.83
20Scott Patterson1999 light pewter metalli 2 door Monte Carlo Z3415.89@87.54
21Louis2000 Light Sandrift Metal 4 door Impala LS15.945@87.744
22Koady Younker1995 green 2 door monte carlo16.1@84
23Drew Blanchard2002 Navy Blue Metallic 4 door Chevy Impala LS16.1@84.47
24Chris Eakins1997 White 2 door Monte Carlo16.162@83.22
25Paul Minchhoff1998 Green 38U 2 door L67 Riviera16.66@87

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