#grandprix & #G8 IRC Channel

IRC Channel #grandprix & #G8

Do you want to chat with us via the web? If you have a JAVA capable web browser, try one of these 2 links:

Join us on the FXnet #grandprix or #g8 IRC channel (server irc.clubgp.com) for discussions on Grand Prix's, G8's and other topics! Don't have an IRC client? If you use Windows, go to http://www.mirc.com and get a great IRC client so you can join in! If you have another Operating System, or would like to see some other IRC chat clients, go do a search on "IRC" over at Download.com!

In the #Grandprix Channel we have discussions about current automobiles, modifications tricks for your car to improve the performance and/or the quality of your automobile, mechanical and technical help on various auto-related topics.

To join the #Grandprix channel (or others) you need a IRC client. If you're using a PC, you have absolutely NO problems finding a client. We suggest you use mIRC. You can find mIRC at the link above. Once you've downloaded it you will need to folow their simple directions to get "connected" to an irc server. There are a few basic commands you will want to know to get around on the IRC. Type the following not including the quotation marks and including all slashes you may see.

To Select a Nickname type: " /nick nickname "
To Join a Channel such as #CARS type: " /join #channelname " (/join #grandprix)
To Part a Channel type: " /part #channelname "
To Get a List of Every Channel on the network type: " /list "
To Private Message a person type: " /msg nickname message you wish to tell him/her "

Some common IRC abbreviations

LOLLaughing Out Loud
ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAORolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off
REI'm back (REturned)
BRBBe Right Back
BBLBe Back Later
BBIAFBe Back In A Few
BRBBe Right Back
NPNo Problem
CUSee You
Sup?What's Up?
;)Smile & wink

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